Sunglasses in Photographs: An Age-Old Controversy

You and your significant other are enjoying a day at the beach. You both decide it's a great setting for a photograph. So you pull an unsuspecting stranger from the crowd and ask him to snap a few with your phone. Then comes the request to remove your sunglasses. You are about to embark on one of the oldest controversies in eyewear history. Should you leave your sunglasses on or take them off? If you're inclined to leave them on, should you verbally respond to the request or keep your mouth shut and smile? Beware, dear friend. There is only one correct answer. If you don't know what it is, talk to somebody who has successfully navigated the choppy waters of eyewear protocol. Can't See Your Face There is a legitimate reason for removing your sunglasses long enough to take a photo

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The Benefits of Using Hemp Facial Cream

Why would I even mention this, you may ask, but I have been giving some thought lately as to why it may be beneficial for you to utilize a hemp facial cream. There are many reasons. I feel it important to get your face "down" to the bottom of whatever issue or concern you may be facing. There is a huge market for skin care and cosmetics that does not contain all of the toxic chemicals typically found in other products. You may think that the only place to purchase these products are online from companies who sell synthetic chemicals, but that is not true. There are many organic and natural companies who produce high quality skincare products. Unfortunately, they do not advertise their presence because they are afraid of losing their federal government protection. That's good news! These c

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List of Diamond engagement ring designs for the groom.

What is an engagement ring? An engagement ring is a ring that indicates a person having it is engaging and is about to be married, mostly believed in the Western cultures. This ring represents an engagement gift by a partner to their spouse when they propose for marriage or after the marriage proposal is accepted. With all the various trending ring designs for brides diamond rings, the designs for the groom is very hard to choose from. But choosing a ring for such a precious moment is often difficult. People say that a diamond is forever and gifting a classic diamond engagement ring is one of the best ideas to seal the love. Defined by simplicity and sophistication diamond rings are called classy for a reason because of the traditional diamond cut with a no-frills design that is always i

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